a mystic story about the lindwurmdragon & a funk musican

Out of the mouths of babes or out of legends and superstitions of Klagenfurt, Austria the humor of children or the oddity of funk, people die laughing or of fright of the unknown. Then there is the mystery of Funk and FunkyFlo a funk musician keeping the Funk alive since 1998 in Southern Austria.

Swamps, bogs and a lake do strange things to a soul who has been native to that part of Austria. A strange occurrence is known to happen within the vibration patterns of one in a million entities. FunkyFlo was born predestined to nurture a different music sound and what he has had to live with since creating funky music with his computer and his guitar changed more than music, it changed his thought patterns which lead to more of his creative music.

It’s no secret that you become what you think about the most and when funk gets into your thought patterns it permeates the mind, the body and the soul but it can also empower the magical powers of expression of life.

The scientific community has no solid evidence how FunkyFlo came to be but because of their intrigue of what he produces through his computer and guitar it goes much deeper than the digital output. Its rumored talents of this nature are possibly tied to the Lindwurm. The abominable Lindwurm was or is a winged dragon who lived or is living in the moors adjoining the nearby lake.

Superstition or fact, it is thought that some brave men long ago killed the Lindwurm and that opened up strange phenomena in their land and those in the know have tapped into the mystical powers of the Lindwurm and through it’s connection and influence of thought patterns, this expressive winged Dragon still lives on and will never die and the mighty powers are responsible for great wonders and deeds in the land and today’s world.

Never give up is the attitude of those tapped into the powers and they go down in history as an individual who keeps their dreams alive and Keeping the Funk alive since 1998 is proof enough for the scientific community that FunkyFlo possesses his unFaltering Funkateer reputation and will more than likely be given the title in due time as Father of Funk. He has already been given the King of Chugga Chugga for his unique Funky guitar playing style.

is an evolving website that will reveal and confirm that this story in based on fact more than on speculation. Should you try to defy logic and go against what some believe to be only superstition, you too may be mysteriously empowered to have the expressive winged Dragon’s power to enable you to live your dreams and be responsible of keeping your dreams alive with the never die attitude.

Listen at your own risk is my best advice. Though no known adverse effects have been documented by listening to Funk, it should be listened to with reverence and awe based only on your own curiosities and your own terms.

It’s rumored that FunkyFlo from the heart of southern Austria is working on a magical piece that when listened to will permeate to the core your desire to excel and achieve your wholesome desires whatever they may be. The title of the tune is rumored to be: The Lindwurm.

The end or is it the beginning?

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